Key Project

Klamath National Forest

Located near the border of California and Oregon, the Klamath National Forest was severely impacted by the California wildfires, leading to massive deforestation. This project has reduced 2.1 million kg of CO2 by planting 7,041 Sugar Pine trees in the forest.

Swap's Impact

Hectare reforested
.5 Hectare in Kenya
.38 Hectare in USA
.2 Hectare in Madagascar
.1 Hectare in Tanzania
Trees planted
835 Trees in Madagascar
500 Trees in Kenya
383 Trees in USA
100 Trees in Tanzania
Tonnes of CO2 captured
57.5 Tonnes in USA
41.8 Tonnes in Madagascar
25 Tonnes in Kenya
8.5 Tonnes in Tanzania

Our Partner

Swap partners with Tree-Nation to support global reforestation initiatives. Tree-nation gathers and coordinates reforestation projects worldwide to stop deforestation, fight climate change, and support local communities. 

Usambara Biodiversity Conservation, Tanzania

Preserving Biodiversity in the Eastern Arc Mountains rainforest is the primary goal of this project. A key issue addressed is reversing the serious deforestation around the Forest Nature Reserve, a critical need for woods and construction materials, environmental conservation education, and extreme poverty alleviation through agroforestry. 2.1 billionkg CO2 offset by planting 4.5 million Gummifera trees.

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