The best insurance cover, well, ever.

We secured insurance rates with our global partners and pass off the peace of mind to you and your customers.

The most competitive insurance rates in e-commerce that also offset our planet’s carbon. Win, win.

We’re not chefs, but we know how to bake it in.

Get every order fully insured with our list of 140 global carriers.
Set your coverage rate automatically baked into the cost, activate it, and watch those orders fly in.

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Swap will enforce your return policy on your behalf

Discover the benefits of responsible product disposal and its impact on the environment.

dashboard for ecommerce returns showing new cord pant returns

Let us stalk your package

Not like in a creepy way.
We’ve got our eyes on it at all times, which means you'll never again have to refund a customer because of a lost, damaged, or missing package

All claims handled in Swap dashboard

Raise a claim with a couple of clicks, all from your easy to use dashboard. One partner. All your operations solutions. Who said life could be this easy? 

Swap dashboard
Learn why hundreds of companies use Swap to consolidate their tech stack into one all-encompassing solution.
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