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Swap made customer experience "much better" after Loop

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You’ll never get your knickers in a twist as long as you’re sporting Stripe & Stare. Female founders Katie Lopes and Nicola Piercy developed knickers that are good for you and the planet – they cater to the sustainable shopper who doesn't want to compromise on style, sustainability, and, most of all, comfort. From knickers to loungewear and sleepwear, they always take that commitment to their customers seriously, which is why they partnered with Swap. 

Today, we sat down with Charlotte Conacher, Customer Experience Manager at Stripe & Stare, to talk all things CLV. 

Her day-to-day is to be the jack of all trades, multi-faceted (and talented) problem solver from warehouse management to returns to customer success. From day 1, returns were a massive pain point. 

Charlotte: “When I started at Stripe & Stare, we were already on Loop, and it was quite frustrating from my side dealing with their returns systems. Most of our customers didn’t understand how to get through the returns process and get to the end of it with a label.” 

And the problems only continued from there… 

“The frustration we had with them was the return labels – they didn’t do QR codes, it was only printable, and nowadays no one has a printer. Everyone wants a QR code. It was leading to lots of customer emails from my side.”

 As the customer emails piled up, so did the issues in Stripe & Stare’s Shopify store. 

Charlotte: “Loop couldn’t handle discount codes or any adjustments made on the website monetary-wise – when a customer was refunded, it caused tons of issues because it wasn’t refunding the correct amount. It couldn’t factor in the discount code or split it per product. Many of our customers use promotional codes, so this became a huge issue.” 

At that point, Charlotte had enough. “We needed a different system that wanted to listen and resolve our return needs.”  Enter: Swap.

Stripe & Stare

It doesn’t stop at our SaaS all-in-one operations solution – we take pride in white-glove service that goes beyond our portal. We make your life easier while making your customers’ experience easier, too. 

Charlotte: “Obviously, the customers' experience has been much, much better. And that's helped our team. It's fewer emails for us. It's just being great in general. I love working with Swap.” 

Stripe & Stare’s customers were able to navigate the process with ease, which meant more retained revenue for S&S.

Charlotte: “We have seen an increase in customers choosing store credit over refunds, as Swap offers a 10% bonus and the credit option is much easier to find.”

Nothing makes us happier than a happy client, and Charlotte definitely got our week off to an incredible start: “We get such great value working with Swap.” 

If you want this level of impact on your business, book a demo with our team today. 

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