ecommerce return reasons with reasons for returns bars

Data so fun you’ll binge it on a Friday night

We go the extra mile and give you insights that actually help you improve your business.

Our dashboard manages inventory, tracks cash flow, and details return reasons, all in one place.

If retail is the devil, we’re the details

We’ll regularly send you thoughtful insights on what products are being returned and why. You can filter into any reason and use that information to inform future business decisions.

ecommerce return reasons with reasons for returns bars
ecommerc dashboard for trainers with return reasons

The why is matters more than the what

Use your returns to capture real-time feedback that helps you identify and solve product issues, and customise each return reason to go granular.

Turn exchanges into a money machine

See which of your customers convert from return to exchange, and know how much revenue you're generating through upsells

map of a city with a pink pin marker

No need to enforce the rules, we’ll be the bad guy for you

Activate easily customisable return policy rules in your settings to automatically allow or disallow specific items.

dashboard for ecommerce returns showing new cord pant returns

Plug into our global network of logistics carriers.

Benefit from our negotiated shipping rates while letting us handle all carrier contracts and cross border shipments, saving you money and time

dashboard for ecommerce showing logistics carriers
dashboard for ecommerce returns showing new cord pant returns

Wind up the workflows and watch them go

Create simple workflows that boost your productivity and give you time back in your day.

You're in charge; set it and forget it

Take control of your returns experience. Decide what you want to auto-trigger, like re-stocking pieces, approving refunds, or whether expensive items need to be manually inspected.

dashboard for ecommerce store owners showing mockup of returned products
swap commerce ecommerce returns dashboard
Learn why hundreds of companies use Swap to put more money back into their pockets.
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