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Giving your inventory a second life

Returned products don’t have to get tossed. Let us help you dispose of your products and materials responsibly. Help us, help you, help our planet.

Repair & Recycle

Integrate a repairs offering into your online offering; boosting your sustainability credentials. When items just need a little patching up, it's better to give them a second wind than the alternative. 

Who doesn’t like free money?

Increase your bank balance by recycling old products. Who would have thought it? Whether your launching a buyback program or want to offload unsellable returns, we are here to help

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Swap will enforce your return policy on your behalf

Discover the benefits of responsible product disposal and its impact on the environment.

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Send us your stuff

Our global network of recycling partners ensure your goods find a new home and stops them meeting the landfill. Re-route low value returns to us and we'll take it from there. We also help recycle unsold items that are taking up valuable space in your warehouse.

Looking after the environment, one return at a time

We’ll help you get each product to the right destination and maximise the ability for being repurposed. Hit your sustainability goals all from your Swap dashboard and share those states with your customers once you see all the CO2 you've offset.

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Swap dashboard
Learn why hundreds of companies use Swap to consolidate their tech stack into one all-encompassing solution. 
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