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Let us stalk your package, so you don't have to

From confirmed to delivered, Track keeps tabs on every outbound and return package in your store. Always en route, never in doubt. 

Not to mention, we reduce your “where is my order” queries by 36 percent. Headache gone!

Upsell opportunity

Through Shopify’s recommendation tool, you can dynamically recommend similar products in our tracking view. Always. Be. Closing. 

Swap will enforce your return policy on your behalf

Discover the benefits of responsible product disposal and its impact on the environment.

dashboard for ecommerce returns showing new cord pant returns

Opt-in for Updates

Can I say again how we reduce your where is my order queries by 36 percent?

This is a big reason why. Customers can opt-in to text and email alerts that keep them posted every step of the way. 

Fully customisable

As with everything Swap, your brand is our biggest priority.

All your tracking comms are templated, personalized, and
tailored to make your brand look its best. 

Real time tracking data

No, you don't have to remember that UPS notification or DHL confirmation.
Just drop your order number in we'll work our magic to track it down.

The order forecasting your clients have been begging for.

Swap dashboard
Learn why hundreds of companies use Swap to consolidate their tech stack into one all-encompassing solution. 
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