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Returns are a regular part of any retail business. If customers get the wrong size, they’ll want to do a return. For a lot of brands, automating the returns process is enough of a reason to start using Swap.

Article London was a brand looking to save time and money while at the same time giving a great customer experience. After a few months using Swap’s automation features Article decided to implement Swaps ‘Shop Now’ and ‘Shop Later’ feature.

With a few clicks and a little set up, Article. was on its way to reducing refunds by 20% and transforming their returns touchpoint into a profit centre.

  • Problem: Reduce refunds & retain revenue
  • Solution: Implement an exchange first solution
  • Key Swap Features: Shop Now, Shop Later, Instant Exchange



  • Reduce Refunds by 20% (going from a refund rate of 100% to 80% in just two months after turning on Shop Now and Shop Later) 🎉
  • Increased upsell revenue by 150% via sales generated by Shop Now and Shop Later 🚀

At Swap we’ve learned time and time again that the best way to reduce refunds is to eliminate them entirely. It’s all about building a post-purchase system that guides customers towards choosing an exchange instead of a refund.

There are two keys to success for brands looking to enhance their returns process

  1. An exchange-first returns policy
  2. Returns automation technology to make it work

If you want to learn more about how Swap can help just drop us a line at

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