Customer Story: Swap + SIRPLUS

United Kingdom

What does Sirplus stand for?

SIRPLUS is based on a simple idea that throwing away fabric that's no longer wanted or isn't "cool"anymore isn't, anymore.

Every high street fashion brand has a story about their environmental credentials. But for SIRPLUS it is at the core of everything they do.

Founder Henry Hales, discovered that London's shirt-makers often ended up with surplus fabric after making their garments. Usually that fabric was just thrown away, considered no longer sellable or useful, so SIRPLUS was born.

What is the SIRPLUS Mission? 

SIRPLUS is a brand that likes to take its time to get things just right- it's life in the slow and considered lane. SIRPLUS just celebrated it's 10th anniversary in 2021, and is now going from strength to strength, bursting with ideas on what and where it will go next.

The vision is to design longer lasting clothes that are worn more often and adapted to a variety of seasons. SIRPLUS recently opened a new flagship store in Marylebone and  are now open across six stores in London.

As their business grows SIRPLUS was looking at ways to build out its tech stack and this is where Swap fits in.


What has been Swap's impact so far? 

Swap was introduced to SIRPLUS through its logistics company Tu Pack. Before Swap, SIRPLUS was processing returns manually, with no return solution in place which was both time consuming and costly. There was no way for SIRPLUS to really incentivise exchanges, or offer store to customers in place of refunds.

Swap's Instant Exchange and Shop Now features are savings SIRPLUS over £5000 a month in incremental retained revenue. As you can imagine, this adds up pretty quickly.

Swap is also providing detailed on analytics on why customers are returning items, which can be used for future product development.

What does the future hold? 

In addition, between saving time processing returns and the new found access to returns data, Swap, Tu Pack and SIRPLUS are embarking on a partnership to test and build out new features to innovate in the return space. These include features such as exchange prompts, email automation and queued refunds.

As SIRPLUS continues to scale we are delighted to be supporting them on their journey and can’t wait to see what the future holds.


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