Customer Story: Swap + SIRPLUS

United Kingdom

What does Sirplus stand for?

SIRPLUS is based on a simple idea:that throwing away fabric that's no longer wanted or isn't "cool"anymore isn't, anymore.

Every high street fashion brand has a story about their environmental credentials. But for SIRPLUS it is at the core of everything they do

Founder Henry Hales, discovered that London's shirt-makers often ended up with surplus fabric after making their garments. Usually that fabric was just thrown away, considered no longer sellable or useful So, SIRPLUS was born.

What is your mission and where do you see yourselves in the future?

We aren't about rushing here at SIRPLUS - it's life in the slow and considered lane for us. We're excited to find out what is coming ahead. We just celebrated our 10th anniversary in 2021, and we're bursting with ideas of what to do and where we want to go next.

We’ll continue to design with a vision of your clothes lasting longer, being worn more often and adapting to a variety of seasons. We just opened a new flagship store in Marylebone and we are now open across six stores the city that we call home, London. We’ll continue to partner with causes to create positive change in the world.

Clearly as our business grows we have needed to built out our infrastructure and tech stack. This is where Swap fits in.


How did you discover Swap and what has the impact been so far?

Swap was actually brought to us by our logistics company Tu Pack. We were evaluating a range of options at the time including Loop and Rebound but felt Swap offered by far and away the most complete solution.

Before Swap, we were processing returns manually which was both difficult and costly. There was no way for us to really incentivise exchanges, let alone gather return data to showcase why returns took place; we were missing out on many opportunities to make our customers happier.

Swap's instant exchange and Shop Now features are savings us over £5000 a month in incremental retained revenue. As you can imagine, this adds up pretty quickly.

In addition, between saving time processing returns and the newfound access to returns data, we’ve been able to allocate resources elsewhere on the business. As we continue to scale, we’re confident in Swap’s ability to support our needs, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.



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