Serge DeNimes

Customer Story: Serge DeNimes x Swap

Serge DeNimes
United Kingdom

Serge DeNimes London is a premium jewellery brand founded by Oliver Proudlock. The initial concept was centred on providing a platform to boost up and coming talent within the creative community, while also delivering seasonal collections of apparel.

Serge DeNimes has been experiencing hyper growth over the last couple of years and in 2017 made the shift into high quality fashion jewellery. Nowadays, Serge DeNimes is a global retailer of jewellery known for its fashion forward designs and premium material. Every Serge piece is made from 925 Sterling Silver, designed in London and hallmarked at the Goldsmiths Assay Office.

Serge DeNimes

Until recently Serge DeNimes didn’t have a returns management solution in place, using thestandard Royal Mail returns portal. Dealing with 100’s of returns a month was a manual and laborious process for the team.

By partnering with Swap, Serge DeNimes will save over £80,000 in retained revenue this year and several minutes on each return processed. Serge is one of Swaps very best performing clients, with a retained revenue rate in excess of 50%.

Serge DeNimes was drawn to Swap for two key reasons

1.   Shop Now enabling customers to take a store credit and shop Serge DeNimes’ entire jewellery range. Reducing refunds and giving a fantastic customer experience

2.   Customisation & Branding. Swap’s ability to customise the UX and look and feel of the portal is integral to a brand like Serge DeNimes. When making a return, the Swap portal looks and feels, as much as it can, like an extension of the Serge DeNimes website. Customers can now initiate a return on Serge DeNime’s self service portal, with a simple, intuitive processes that aligns with their mission to deliver a world class customer experience at every step

In Serge, Swap has also found a partner to test new and build new features together. The Swap team is excited for what is next in store as Serge DeNimes continues it’s incredible growth trajectory into 2023 and further global domination.

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