Never Fully Dressed

Women's Fashion
United Kingdom

Never Fully Dressed

As a rapidly growing contemporary fashion brand in the UK, NFD couldn’t miss out on the next growth phase.

Helping NFD realise what’s right in front of them

NFD felt it deep in their bones.

Things were “fine,” but, like a stable relationship, they knew they could do better.

As a rapidly growing contemporary fashion brand in the UK, NFD couldn’t miss out on the next growth phase.

In this case study with NFD:

We connected how Rosalind Brabner, NFD’s head of eCommerce, knew better than anyone else that they needed to make a difficult but necessary change if they wanted to embrace the success trajectory they’re cut out for.

It’s fine. Everything’s fine.

Is it, though? 

Undoubtedly, it’s been an impressive start for NFD the last decade. Where many brands have a strong start followed by quick fizzle, NFD has shown they can sustain that growth, especially over the last seven years.

Credit where it’s due.

But something didn’t feel right. They had what they needed but not what they wanted. And when Roz joined the company, she knew that if NFD was serious about scaling to the next level they needed to be willing to implement the right platforms in their tech stack.

Their old returns platform--like any average relationship--was fine. They got the job done, but they weren’t built to take NFD to the next level.

So NFD kept their options open and discovered something much more profound.

Returns are my love language <3

Right off the bat, Swap knew the vibes. 

As a Shopify-native platform, it was simple and easy to plug right into NFD’s workflows and processes without causing a fuss. But it was the fact that Swap’s CEO knew the NFD team by name.  That they were willing to go the extra mile. It was the fact that they wanted to do whatever it took to make NFD successful. That, my friends, was the tipping point.

It made the switch to Swap a no-brainer.

“They knew my name; they knew what we needed to scale,” Roz shared.

And turns out, it was a good decision (obviously).

Two things Swap implemented right away were:

  1. Exchanges - Making it easy for customers to exchange their unwanted product(s) for
    A N Y T H I N G. Size, color, SKU, you name it. Something they couldn’t do with ZigZag
  1. Gift cards and upsells - Simplifying for customers the journey of going from a return → to an exchange → to an upsell via gift cards.

NFD got a boatload of returns every month, so allowing customers to move their return to a gift card created a new upsell opportunity they hadn’t previously experienced.

That’s the Swap promise.

So good you don’t even need us anymore

NFD made a bet, and they won big. 

So far, they’ve retained 10% of their return revenue, a big, fat improvement in their bottom line. And while it’s validated the importance of investing in efficient post-purchase platform like Swap, it’s equally shown them the power of having a customer-centric approach.

By working with Swap, we enabled NFD to shift their focus from simply processing returns to proactively avoiding them. The brand explored leveraging messaging strategies to educate customers on making informed purchasing decisions, ultimately reducing the need for returns. Additionally, NFD introduced tools like Easy Size Online and Bambuser to help customers choose the right sizes and make confident purchases, resulting in improved revenue and valuable feedback from their consumer base.

Women's Fashion
United Kingdom
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