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Resell & Recycle

Resell, reuse, recycle. Our platform supports sustainable habits

Empowering you to make a difference through responsible product management

Sell your excess inventory on Swap

We offer a diverse network of resellers all over the globe. Whether it is returned stock or excess inventory we will help find the right buyer, with our seamless end to end solution

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Swap will enforce your return policy on your behalf

Discover the benefits of responsible product disposal and its impact on the environment.

dashboard for ecommerce returns showing new cord pant returns
screenshot of ecommerce dashboard

Get full transparency and control

You set the rules on where and who your products can be sold too.
Once you have accepted an offer, we take care of all shipping and logistics

Turn your old products into something new

Whether you want to build a sustainability program for your eco-conscious customers or ethically dispose of goods not fit for resale we can help. Our recycling services open up lots of options.

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