Swap dashboarddashboard for ecommerce returns showing new cord pant returns
Returns & Exchanges

Returns your way, or the highway

Swap enables anyone to seamlessly make returns, exchanges, and receive store credits for next time – meaning more retained revenue on day 1.

Exchanges so easy a caveman could do it

Need to swap an item for something else on your own time? Slap that label on the box and we’ll get it where it needs to go while you exchange it for your next favorite thing.

Plug into our global network of logistics carriers.

Benefit from our negotiated shipping rates while letting us handle all carrier contracts and cross border shipments, saving you money and time

dashboard for ecommerce showing logistics carriers
returned products dashboard for ecommerce

Inventory in real-time like it’s attached at the hip

Our platform automatically integrates with your inventory, so customers know exactly what’s available in their size, colour, and style, letting them make instant, hassle-free exchanges.

Exchange anything, literally.

No, you’re not limited to only swapping an item that’s like-for-like. If a customer picks something more expensive, we’ll capture the difference in your portal as if they were a first-time buyer.

screenshot of ecommerce dashboard
Swap dashboard
Learn why hundreds of companies use Swap to consolidate their tech stack into one all-encompassing solution. 
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