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July 27, 2023

QA sucks, so we made it easy

Psst… what does that mean? 

Thankfully, here at Swap we do know what it means and what it can mean for your business – a treasure trove of insights 💡and putting those insights to work = 💰

Not sure why something keeps getting returned? With Swap, all return reasons are tracked to identify what might be going wrong with your product (i.e. too short, wide, slim, oversized etc.). We’ll regularly send you thoughtful insights on what products are being returned and why, so you can filter into any reason and use it to inform future business decisions. You’ll never put your head down at night wondering why anymore – all the answers are just a click away. 

But that’s not all folks…. We’ve added a brand spankin’ new quality control feature that gives you that extra line of defence when you have some bad apples returning faulty or used items – take that QC process from nightmare to Garden of Eden. 

At Swap, we never miss an opportunity to crunch some numbers. So we decided to give you real time quality control insights that help power your operations.

Quality control has helped us immensely. With men’s jewellery, trends are key, which can also drive up returns after use. This QC process identified any repeat offenders who return things that are damaged. - Samuel Darcy, Managing Director, Serge DeNimes

Why does it really matter? 

By introducing this QC, we’ve found that in-upwards of 95 percent of all returns are in-fact in good condition which has opted many of our customers to fully automate their returns processes. This has saved retailers hours of time QCing each product piece by piece and immediately passing off that information to their 3PLs 

When you look at the big picture, very few returns are truly unsellable after returns – once we identified that with Swap, it saved us all the painstaking hours of manual QC and made it automated.  - Samuel Darcy, Managing Director, Serge DeNimes

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