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August 8, 2023

MONEY COUNTER GO *BRRR* - Cash Flow Analytics

You know by now that using Swap saves your team time and 💰… but did you know that we also track your cash flow through our business analytics. No cent is left behind thanks to Swap. 


Through our cash flow analytics you can track: 


Retained Revenue (and ratio) – all the money Swap has put back into your business 

Exchange Revenue (and ratio) – all the money directly retained for new items 

Outstanding Refunds owed to customers – you know this one… :,( we tried. 

Refunds paid out to customers - money back in your customers wallets 

Store credit (e.g. shop now/later) - money retained thanks to Swap 


We even go a click-deeper - where others don’t… sorry had to pat ourselves on the back here – and segment all of these numbers by shipping status. Thus, giving you all the insight you need to manage cash flow and inventory related to it. The shipping status shows - pre-transit, own label, in-transit, green return, delivered, or returned-to-store. 



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