Let us stalk your package, so you don't have to

From confirmed to delivered, Track keeps tabs on every outbound and return package in your store. Always en route, never in doubt.

Upsell opportunity
Through Shopify’s recommendation tool, you can dynamically recommend similar products in our tracking view. Always. Be. Closing.

Opt-in for updates

Increase your bank balance by recycling old products. Who would have thought it? Whether your launching a buyback program or want to offload unsellable returns, we are here to help

Consolidate, Bundle, & QA

Ditch your one-off shipments and additional quality control. With Swap, our 3PL partners can QA each return for you before restocking and bundle them. There’s no piecemeal nickel and diming for shipments here.

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Learn why hundreds of companies use Swap to consolidate their tech stack into one all-encompassing solution.

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