How to Create a Gift Card

To use Swap's Shop Now feature you will need to create a Store Credit Gift Card in Shopify.

To begin setup, you will need to create a Gift Card product that will be hidden from your store. This Gift Card will be used exclusively by Swap to provide your customers with Store Credit.

To create a Gift Card product:

1. Log into your Shopify account, go to Products > Gift Cards. If gift cards have not previously been activated, click the start selling gift cards on my store button.

2. Click Gift card products

3. Select Create gift card product in the upper right hand corner:

4. Next, set a Gift Card Title

Choose a name that is easily recognized so that your team knows this gift card product is tied to Swap.  

Merchants commonly use the title “Store Credit Gift Card” to differentiate the Store Credit Gift Card from other forms of Gift Cards.

5. Scroll to Denominations, if any values are listed then delete each. Important: If Shopify requires that you keep a denomination, set to £.01

6. In the top right, next to Product availability, select Manage, uncheck all active sales channels then click Done. Save this change.

7. After saving, copy the entire URL and send to your Swap onboarding manager

Last Updated on 
5 January 2022