Elliott Footwear

Customer Story: Swap + elliott footwear

Elliott Footwear
United Kingdom

Founded in Copenhagen, elliott footwear is the brand behind the world’s first climate positive sneaker collection. Growing rapidly and with recent features in the Guardian and The Sunday Times, elliott was in need of a returns solution that would serve as an extension of their mission, with sustainability at the core.

Apparel and shoe returns require additional shipping and as a result also have an additional environmental impact. Working with Swap, elliott was able to make use of the broad range of custom return settings offered to build a sustainable returns solution.

While it’s unrealistic to expect zero returns, there are several best practices that can be used to keep them to a minimum. One of the best ways design a sustainable return solution is indeed to create a system that minimises them in the first place!

Discussing with Swap, elliott understood that by using Swap’s advanced analytics insights, they would quickly and easily be able to identify the most common return reasons for products and work proactively to address them. Now live with Swap, these analytics insights are used regularly to inform detailed sizing guidance for the website, and to work with elliott’s manufacturing partners to address commonly occurring sizing issues.

Elliott Footwear

In addition to analytics, elliott opted to charge customers a small fee for return orders, equal to the cost of the return shipping. While keeping returns simple and convenient, elliott encourages customers to invest time to review the sizing information on the website to order the right products, and to not order multiple sizes, already intending to return some.

Working with swap, elliott was not only able to retain more revenue from returns by offering exchanges and credits in addition to refunds, but most importantly, was able to instill sustainability at the core of their returns solution. Swap is proud to contribute even just a small amount to elliott’s journey as a fully sustainable brand, while the clean and timeless design of elliott’s sneakers offer enduring appeal and means that their sneakers will always be in style.

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