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At Swap we know a few things.

1) Returns don’t have to be a cost centre
2) Every return has a different journey
3) Informed decisions are at the heart of an effective returns management program

Return is a word an ecommerce brand doesn’t want to hear. You’ve fought hard to win a customer. Battled against algorithms, competitors and shipping companies just to end up back at square one. This is where Swap comes in. We help our customers retain revenue with the ability to exchange sizes, colours and even completely different products all within our platform (we can even help with orders that were sent as gifts). For those customers who really want a refund we offer some great options and incentives to use that refund instore and not with a competitor. This also opens up new opportunities to upsell to a customer browsing with a gift card ready to spend.  We know how important it is to retain that customer.

Once a customers decided how they want to move forward we help get your products back where they belong. We support paperless returns so your customers don’t need to go track down a printer (who even owns a printer anymore?). We can trigger gift cards, discounts and refunds to happen right away, after their orders been scanned or after it’s arrived back in warehouse. This is where things get interesting, not every product is destined to land back at your warehouse. For our customers shipping internationally we can help hold returns in our warehouses in the US, UK, Netherlands and Australia and ship them back to you in bulk saving upto 40% of the cost! With the cost of international shipping only growing we can help you make informed decisions around how best to handle your international returns. For some it may make more sense to recycle them if they aren’t in good enough condition for you to resell for others it may make sense to sell them in bulk through a local partner of ours. We offer quality checks at our warehouses to help you make these decisions. Swap is an end to end solution from return processed to goods delivered to their final location.

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